2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Olympic Games kick off in less than a year. Tokyo, which happens to be the Japanese capital, will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics after fifty-six years. “Games of the XXXII Olympiad“, the official name for next year’s edition of Olympics, is scheduled to take place from July 24 July to August 9, 2020. This epic event will feature 339 events across 33 sports and 50 disciplines. The main headline is the introduction of 5 new sports to the roasters and also the return of baseball and softball to the Summer Olympics for the first time since 2008.

Now is the best time to follow up on this international multi-sport event.

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Key Dates

Tokyo 2020 Olympics commence from 24th July until 9th August 2020 with preliminary events in some sports beginning on 22 July. Archery and Rowing begin on the day of the opening ceremony with medal rounds the next day while Soccer and Softball get underway before the official opening (July 22).

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Sports

Here is a complete list of the sports and disciplines. Some sports are a singular discipline.

  1. Aquatics: artistic swimming, diving, swimming, water polo
  2. Archery
  3. Athletics
  4. Badminton
  5. Baseball (new): baseball, softball
  6. Basketball: basketball, 3-on-3 basketball
  7. Boxing
  8. Canoeing: slalom, sprint
  9. Sport Climbing (new)
  10. Cycling: BMX freestyle, BMX racing, mountain biking, road cycling, track cycling
  11. Equestrian: dressage, eventing, jumping
  12. Fencing
  13. Field hockey
  14. Football
  15. Golf
  16. Gymnastics: artistic, rhythmic, trampoline
  17. Handball
  18. Judo
  19. Karate (new): kata, kumite
  20. Modern pentathlon
  21. Rowing
  22. Rugby sevens
  23. Sailing
  24. Shooting
  25. Skateboarding (new)
  26. Surfing (new)
  27. Table tennis
  28. Taekwondo
  29. Tennis
  30. Triathlon
  31. Volleyball: volleyball, beach volleyball
  32. Weightlifting
  33. Wrestling: freestyle, Greco-Roman

The interesting news is that there are five new Olympic sports (Baseball, Climbing, Karate, Surfing, and Skateboarding) making debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In all, there will be 33 sports to be competed with about 5,000 medals set to be won. And let’s not forget softball and baseball making a return after a two-game absence (2012 and 2016).

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Venues

In total, Japan will use 43 venues for the 2020 Summer Olympics. 35 of those are already in existence and currently undergoing renovation to make them meet the Olympics standards while 8 new venues are still under construction. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic venues will be in two main zones: the Heritage Zone (the area of the ‘64 Olympics) and the Tokyo Bay Zone (which will contain 13 venues). The Heritage Zone houses some of the historic venues from the Tokyo 1964 Games and the Tokyo Bay Zone symbolizes the exciting future of the city.

The two zones will overlap to form the shape of the infinity symbol to symbolize the legacy of the games and the link between past, present, and future. Other historic venues such as Nippo Budokan, used for the judo competition in 1964, will once again hold judo and karate events, so much fun.

Volunteers, ambassadors, and security personnel of the Olympics will help to ensure the smooth-running of the event.