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At History of the Olympics, we are here to show you everything you ever wanted to know about the Olympic Games, from their roots in Ancient Greece, to Vancouver 2010, to Sochi 2014! The Olympic Games, both Summer and Winter, have always represented the hopes and dreams of each country. Athletic excellence in the Olympic Games is still the pinnacle of sports achievement, and the focus of great national pride and interest. If you want to learn all about the History of The Olympic Games, this website will provide you with all the information you could want, in a friendly, conversational tone that is easy to enjoy and understand.

By tracing the roots of this great event, we can examine the fascinating symbols, rituals, and political significance of the Olympics throughout time. We will provide you with photos and stories that really bring the colorful history of this global sports competition to life.

The Olympics has celebrated many great moments, but there have also been moments of great controversy. By showing you the way the Olympics affects society, we can give you a sense of the Games’ true importance in our world – past, present, and future.

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