Top Ten Olympic Scandals and Tragedies

In the long history of the Olympic games, there have been many dramatic moments, and not all of them were sports-related. Sometimes, they came as a result of political change and protest.

As well, athletes have taken risks that cost them their medals. Even Olympic administrators are not immune from their moments of scandal.

Here is our look at the Top Ten Olympic Scandals and Tragedies, from the present day, back through history:

10 – International Olympic Committee Bribery Scandal (1999)

Luge at Salt Lake 2002. Elise Amendola / AP / The Journal

The reputation of the Olympics’ governing body, the IOC, took severe blows as it was revealed that IOC members were taking bribes to secure Utah’s bid for the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Some voting members received large sums of cash in return for their decision to vote in favor of the Utah city. Twelve members of the IOC were dismissed due to evidence that they were taking cash bribes, and many people protested the choice of Utah for the Games’ location. In the end, it was too late to change venues, and the Olympics were held in Salt Lake.

Since this incident, many have cast a jaundiced eye on the activities of the International Olympic Committee, whose corruption was reportedly widespread. Since then, there have been other such scandals, but nothing on this scale. The IOC have tried to restore their integrity and reputation since the Utah scandal.

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